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Soft in all manifestations.

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Nice, that we live during, when began a landmark movement Open Source. Still yesterday ordinary the user
Was constrained by the need to to follow largest software-producers and backing off guide your footsteps if for their dubious
Goods, and already today each of us is free not only choose software, which him indeed
Need, but and to change his under its taste of. And with to do this often utterly for free.

To what this I? Exactly, in this topic propose a share its experience in work with various programs, express
Opinion relatively novelties out and tell about all the new, with than account for to face in infinity-edge world of software

Ah and start propose a with, to to tell, who somehow whose enjoys struggle days in day.

An operating system: Windows XP Professional
Antivirus: Avast! Professional
Firewall prorgams: Outpost Firewall PRO Firewall Pro
Browser: Both Mozilla Firefox
Record compact disks: CDBurnerXP
Audio-player: Windows Media Group Player
Video-player: Media Group Player Classic
Programs for communication: Skype conversations, ICQ

Other programs: CCleaner (useful progressive Rock for clearing phones from any shit)
Tweak-XP Pro (to optimize system),
Total Department Converter (video-converter),
Lingvo (most powerful vocabulary with support huge number of languages)
Daemon Tools
SopCast (p2p C for he-layn TV)

And than use you?)



Interestingly, and that from just this applies to opensorsu? Not Partzuf me wrong, simply from just you this me known only that mozilla fairfax perhaps can be Senior to this group programs, but raze not wines brr pro or daemon Tuls. If I not rights - tell us much detail.

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Ah that OK, going to share and I about his soft-e.

OS - Windows XP Professional.
Your firewalls and United Nations warned I specifically does not pose, so I have their there is no. Faervolom Hypnotizes antivirus))
And-viral program - Nod32
Music same environment through WinAmp, and filmetsy - through GOM
From whom OK there is no finalize QIP-and or Skyping. +
And from another all - FireBurn, mTorrent, of course same Lingvo, AC DC and others. "To graze." Before been monkeying fotoshop th.



Smokli wrote:

interestingly, and that from just this applies to opensorsu?

Aloofness both Mozilla (and all its family), avast! (Domestic de-leveraging version of which fully is free), CDBurnerXP, Media Group Player Classic
And GOM-player likewise, CCleaner, SopCast, uTorrent.

I same not say, that'm using ONLY "free" whose (in our country virtually the entire software can be considered deceptive), and this theme
Is dedicated to not only Open Source, but mentioned I about him because, that with every year his influence on entire software industry will
Increase and already now a range of programs publicly available schooling on all accounts products paid.
Precisely such sense I, who in its message, and list giveaway open applications can be continue to :cool:



And here is – my. Through wand my small:

OS - Windows XP Professional SP3 / Windows Vista SP 1
Firewall - Spyware Terminator, Auslogics BoostSpeed / Spyware Terminator
Antivir - Avira / avast
Browser - both Mozilla Firefox / both Mozilla Firefox
Record compact disks - Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 / Ashampoo Burning Studio 6
Audio-Video player - GOM, WMP9 / GOM, WMP9
Programs for communication - Skype conversations / Skype conversations
Прочие программы - µTorrent ( что бы качать и раздавать), Adobe Photoshop CS2 ( что бы рисовать, творить и жабить ), Caricature Studio 3.0 ( что бы жабить и просто поржать ), CCleaner ( что бы чистить и исправлять ), DAEMON Tools Lite ( что бы были виртуальные диски ), FL Studio 7 ( что бы писать музыку ), mp3DirectCut ( что бы музыку обрезать ), Nokia PC Suite ( что бы телефон соединять и всякие штуки с ним делать ), Total Video Converter ( что бы конвертировать видео и не только ), Сократ Персональный 4.1 ( что бы переводить и понимать ) , Unlocker Assistant ( что бы всякое упрямое говно разблокировать ), эмуляторы ( что бы играть , ностальгировать и переживать приятные мгновения ).
There is still heap programs, whom want enjoy, but I in them until not learn using.



I would said that rather in ties with growth technological progress and the emergence of more respected professionals in's software people, open software now is experiencing another growth popularity. As once when increasingly her computer only its infancy and little who understood what money can be on this do. And who understood the made. So that not know the future for open whether whose, or will find a way to close.
My software:
OS - vista,
Antivirus - Casper. S. 2009, he same like and with on an, at the second computer, okay is worth Microsoft sekyuriti essentials (recently put, until not know is worth whether attention, but for free) faer - native vistovskiy.
Music a on your nerd box I do not listen, films'm mostly through goma,
Browser - mostly mozilla, sometimes. E.-8 (ah arises sometimes the need)
The prog. For communication: Asya - yandeksasya or ramblerasya (on one computer, okay the kind at the other another),, Skype, vind. Life, mailagent.
Ah with torentami understandable increasingly utorent, DS + +, too, is worth,
’ s'm progoy, accommodating any me Polaksom on Skype, name aim is a not remember, somewhere on cheap laptop of yours lies, need to will can find the money.
Have been arguing find app for remote access, until that within house. Networks also I Real ae-392-ne. Conveniently.
Vocabulary find in Yandex.
Damon on vistu put not managed (version of a new there) loath also I ISObuster.
For clicked faxes - democracy version of ventafaksa. Office applications - evaluation version office 2007, 2003 (on every computer, okay on ways).



Under latest rejuvenation Mozilly drew attention on numerous complement, which can be to set atop browser.
Exactly, and before knew, that have Faerfoksa big additional opportunities, but thought, that they wear more cosmetic
Character, and it turned out, that there is very useful dopy, about the most useful will talk below:

1) Adblock Plus - eliminates absolutely all the pop up windows, entire advertising all possible species (banners, flash, vsplyvayuschuyu,
The forcible) and stymies other undesirable requests, and also contains base data vehicle of malicious sites, entry on which
Henceforth you will closed. All simply - each, selecting in settings ensured region and enjoy of the surf the Internet WITHOUT New!

2) Lazarus: Form Recovery - forget about the problems, associated with loss of ” instituted information under any surprise closing pages,
Its rejuvenation, closing browser or cut-off computer. Addition will retain VSE, that you enter and under need twist flops
In base data on term from 1 hours until 1 month.

3) over class add-ons, optimiziruyuschikh work in Internet: All sorts of saydbary, tulbary, optimizatory search ah and of course same
Means, allow create its own style Mozilly.

All of this and many-much else available here

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Amidamaru wrote:

1) Adblock Plus - eliminates absolutely all the pop up windows, entire advertising all possible species (banners, flash, vsplyvayuschuyu,
The forcible) and stymies other undesirable requests, and also contains base data vehicle of malicious sites, entry on which
Henceforth you will closed. All simply - each, selecting in settings ensured region and enjoy of the surf the Internet WITHOUT New!

About this you on time. As times recently asked not knows whether who as from advertising eliminate. Spasiba.


9 This utterly a remarkable site, there is at least me, when in another times I tried to find that the from create supports software. Not krotkiy aid forums, I began seek itself workable a and in the results search, Yandex has now issued me this site. Downloading ToM Reader 2.7, I began surf on torrentam and found fresh the gambling, Countries Games and RS Olympics. Obtaining files with enlargement PDF, I found, that I have no tired Acrobat-Symbol reader drives, that would all of this Resources-in read. Took refuge on the official site Adobe, in the hope download free version of acrobat, huh, but not here the was: Me immediately began to place to prospective parents (superversii, but on free I even exile not found. And again, under provisioning programs on watching PDF jumped this Seyetik has, where absolutely without gemora, without the introduction of passwords and references to fayloobmenniki, I leaked on direct exiled right software. Now, instead structure site, recommend and you, in case need or simply so, look on



Recently opened for themselves couple of highly useful programs, perhaps, and you they prove nelishnimi:

1) Internet Download Manager
Programs of this kind enough many, but from all, exercised I, this the best in all relations.
So, as follows from name, program is used for streamlining process boot data from the Internet.
As argue publishers, progressive Rock increases the speed direct boot in 500 times! (Not the, to she itself its
Increases, ah you realize)))
Let me give you example: Isn with file-sharing site archive on 800 meters, if upload ordinary by through browser,
The the speed was 100-150 KB, and with the help Internet Download Manager steadily has rested on 1,500 KB. That is called:
Feel difference.
In proge there is mass functions and preset, that, too, very aren. Of the most useful - progressive Rock keeps managing directly download
Video with sites type YouTube and him such.

2) BitComet
This p2p-C, can be said, substitute for utorrent. Why suddenly I decided to to move on BitKomet? When my uTorrent Cowering
Until version of 2.0, then began macabre latency with speed boot, too strong powerful upswings as. Thought, that the reason in my 120,
But creating, that writes people, it turned out, that the problem such a there is not only I have.
So, than personally me BitKomet grassroots more: First, no problems with swings of speed, second much
More preset, third C can be directly link with trekerom, with which Serzh Sargsyan added file, that also highly conveniently.

In general, if have someone problems with utorrent, then BitComet will become different the alternative!



And this very Beat comets can download torrent files or there the other standard? Anyways: With led of Causeway Bay and with torrents. Ru I will be able through him pump?



Of course, in this terms of BitKomet precise substitute for uTorrent and any other things torrent-client)



In continuation of themes Internet Download Manager. Progressive Rock-good girl keeps managing to everything to everything else download musical files, which lost in browser (for example, on sites-players, where cannot be directly download music). Plush function!)


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