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Videos game shows novelties

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

Unbelievable volte face, a golden, wondrous, plain, the Beautiful and perhaps the most the best game about adventures Mario! The first part of was as least masterpiece, but already now, even from advertisement, in sight, that the second part of will better. Now with Mario his each - dinosaur toy down Yoshie, and this suggests that will appear new ability to, new levels, new planet and new adventures!



And 2 th March have all us will Battlefield: Bad Company 2! Of course, if you have computer (XBOX-360 or PS3) and you play in such game :-)



Recently in networks emerged an interesting the commercial, in which amply shown ability to admirable Nintendo DSimap out 3Dpictures of the and video.




A 2 th March have all us will Battlefield: Bad Company 2! R

Bought. On servaki go impossible. Servaki not mismanaging :(



I until still even until of them are pirated not having, but say plaything - things That you! Except me still plays who any in BioShock (film) 2?



Nope. You said that play only in against Russian regulation. I, too, rang. And you you play. A kooka-dooka.



So I in against Russian and play. Its still normal in networks not was, but me met Elisabeth detect worker cherty with built-Russians titrami. Naturally I immediately has bought into, but now already days 5 not play, for I spend my life waiting with an iPhone. However until a new am asking for won still not have broken into and therefore access to pirate softu I obtain on it until not can, then most likely again return to its big hot Daddy Bear.



Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

That is called, first glance. Indeed well looks. Perhaps this will be the first Prince, in which me wanted play.
P.S. Quite forgot - date exit May 2010. Quite soon)

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Not Id say, that this novelty, after all withdrew plaything autumn 2009 th, however me stubbornly not gets the find its labor version of and play. Nominally Risenis Gotikoy 4, but firm publisher changed conditions contract, and so as the rights on name developers not belong, then had to project rename. In licenses I this game still not has tried for buy game in licenses need with mind. In ties with this question: Who the already played in this?

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I played. Is very complex, in battles kill for times, such a in Games long not was, put immunity, that do very rarely, game immediately got. Removed. Labor version of there is on Now want put Dragon Age that he thought very all praise, and to Risen not return perhaps.



Osenma Saal, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Want that the such impossibly charming in a spirit of, is (as "). The third Feybl to be sure will, but how many his still wait.




All lovers of of charred rubber, iskorezhennykh parts and other things road-transport meat is dedicated to. Affairs have playing subdivisions Disneygo in mountain, especially on Per an arena, after exit landmark Pure, which set a new bar quality for such games. Entertainment, quality governance and great graphics (she same replies for entertainment) - here is a new formula success for games in a spirit of Burnaut 3and higher. Be driving it, destroy, and...... wreck with 18 on May on RS, Khvokh 360 and PS3!



Through gender year it hatches a new '' Medal of Honor. Let us virtually destroy curiously the jihadi and different pedorisnyu, posyagnuvshuyu on universal values and freedom. Let us wait.



In networks emerged the debut the commercial to game, with the funny entitled World of LordCraft. That this: Plagiarism or amusing joke - until not clear, but deploy to varkraftu and his universe the most immediate.



And here is you comrades, utterly not turning a, but quite the riveting the commercial to game Ved'mak 2.

And here a bit gameplay and bazaars developers, on subject: As have us here increasingly with steeply.



've got myself some on days, atypical for Nintendo Wii, brutally-bloody strelyalkoy-ubivalkoy-razrubalkoy Red Steel 2. And there's the blood and superudary, the relative freedom action and starlit strolls-fighting. Very conveniently implemented governance: Arises a sense of, that if you himself're, uh, walking with with a katana blazing and khrenachish all these feel the smelly bandits and their of leaders of the. The only minus - to game had to to acquire some a device, prileplyaemyy to asking a basic wireless the joystick, but this, as the saying goes, already vyzov. But fact remains fact - in such I still not played. As if homes emerged its own s gaming machine gun, in which not need to fling to return for already all paid for.
. And have's computer geeks. Such a there is no. Ate,, computer guys)



Like it or Kholivar? Lesse will.



Uninstal you will with format inlets)) Nu and made - not true that whether? There is no such on computer, okay.



Raze not can deal with new interface in youtube (they that the have made with url codes for embedding in forums have), and good game meanwhile continue to anonsirovatsya with enviable regularity. Here is right now I ve with you ssylochkoy on broadcast to brand-new shuteru Sniper: Ghost Warrior


100 … t=featured - here can be watch rating from 10-fringes best (according to author) games pro zabiratelstva. In sense of the game, where need far the weakened. In my highly some ingenious approach to selection games. Look.


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