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Videos game shows novelties

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This full shit! I hoped already in next year risk drowning for society, playing in Diablo 3, however, knowing Blizzardov, don, that ports releases deal for them habitual. But think, that in next year would still will in that play, although would still very bitterly.



They not want hinder releases. Rate in 2010 on StarCraft. Yes and simply they lovers lick their game. But not one failure.



Now pass Call of great-: Modern Stafford 2 and found here is such a here is. Hell is that. This is by no means the Microsoft Dynamics CRM - this harsh military weekdays. ???? action this locations is happening quite even not in Russia.


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Call of great-: Modern Stafford 2 what the not impressed, as the very it's a stretch. Zaskriptovanno. The first part of better. Only grassroots leap Ski-Doos :) And incidentally ARGUMENTY in our to shoot :(



And in the first varfare, too, such meets.


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Such a sense of, that this a wisp of a phrase. Staetsya only to enumerate, that the authors there wrote or imagined write :-D



And the fine print and style write one and the same. This, bitch, plot!



Final Fantasy XIII



Mass Effect 2

On "more rush, kholyat and has enshrined the second Mass Effect 2. And who any played in the first? I have for example lies homes in licensed designed meal box from 1S, but all as the not leisure more. And incidentally, igrukha from Great Lakes and Terrible Bioware Corp.. Charming princesses who started world Neverwinter (Nights and like would still while Dragon Age that he thought. And where have them so much time on hits? Here is would and Blizzardy so did))



Mm-hmm. Played in the first. Investment tottering from boredom on dlinnyuschikh the dialogues. And dumb this one, running between NPC, weapons uneventful. Spat and deserted play



Aliens vs. Predator

Ah that friends: Run over another attempt to to turn against each other Alien and Oeuieea, in 1970s turn into some scramble for title "the most evil. Buchego monster of modernity "or'll sit down, scared and enthusiastic flapping eyes, in a puddle from own doubt and of fear? I do not, I do not.



All who likes Diablo and believes days until exit the third parts of - Torchlight the best headshake,. Game did team people forced over Fate, Diablo 1 and 2. Very hot lady schedule, perfect governance, superponyatnyy gameplay - this is the most the best clone Diablo for more than 10 years. From the entire souls recommend!



Metro 2033 Underground Trailer

The newest trailer from expected game Metro 2033 (book). Zychim)



And nothing so. Good fellows. Natsoyaschiy "1970s shooter" :)



Dark Void

12 January, namely today, Grand and Horrible CAPCOM (who not in rate - this the creators of Resident Evil, Onimusha, Devil May Cry, and so same vos mibitnykh Duck Tales and Megaman) rolls nice on first glance (another until not have) strelyalochku "from third faces." Look, think, waiting for. At all after more phony Bionic Commando, attitude to fantastic games "from third", yes and Kapkomu at all, several poostylo.

And gameplay



Toki Tori

Here is such a here is merry scleral, runs round, dye and decides conundrum on the screen your RS. For places the arcades and kazualok - most it! Incidentally, the exit game appointed on 29 January, so that, errori for a healthy cynicism - are looking for in for peer-)

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Yourself a nice, funky igrushentsiya. D seek, if will find before, write ssylochku.



Spec Ops The Line

A new the first they heard was V.O., with guise of "Third-person shooter game", will choose a basic actions game in Dubai, where the main task player, will the targeting destruction terrorists (?), clearly overwhelming player number and vooruzhennostyu. Graphics very the good, gameplay across semblance, too,. Let us wait of the late 2010, and before she and not will.
advertisement the commercial

geympleynoe video



Mass Effect 2 books on BitTorrent until official release

PicV past Thursday version of Mass Effect 2 for PC and Xbox 360 efforts on BitTorrent-the trackers are, and this event not reverberated.

The beginning of official sales was planned on Tuesday in North America and on Friday in Europe, but many curious users decided not wait until this moment and downloaded inadvertently use version of.

On moment of writing tens of thousands of people leader this game, PC-version of which weighs more than 14 GB, and for Xbox 360 13. According to, collected by the TorrentFreak, above 300,000 people began to pump game over the past days.

Itself game

Incidentally on this tracker many games and for boxes



And here is here there is the official translation from EA
I perhaps pump not d, because I have homes until now on dust, lies neraspechatannaya validly licensed version of first of Linija Mass Hippotherapy. When I get there until it (if this at all will happen), 'll assess, then and about the second think will can be. Incidentally, have me to forumchanam such overdue question: And there is whether you have homes long underlying some unopened gamings? Many whether and how long? I have 18 (about horror!) royalties levied all these unopened compact disks on RS and couple on consoles. And this with, that I periodically that the downloading, so say "on then", and the percentage of passage games I have at all no - the last, that has passed, was antisovetskaya Kal reform largest concessionaires 6. Know - games like many good, but that would recognized here is so here is hooked - virtually there is no.


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