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Videos game shows novelties

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Understandable, that every its consider the cow nakhvalivaet and will stand on its until losses beat pulse, but I, as man, Magomed geymerstvo year 3 ago, I can judge
With more Cold head. Buy WordPad for 40 on 3 year - this tickles the same the cost of, that buy X-Box modicum every year or, as least, buy and
Boxing and Sonya and still money will remain. Forth, DS not need no upgrades, that so same sharply reduces costs on them. Free game? Wasn now
Cannot be with those same torrentov pump their on consoles? So that this is not argument. Couple to DS more convenient governance (in most games), opportunity
Connectivity to any screens and more a high portability. Yes, with leave the computer on, too, under desire just this can be achieve, only here is question - why the hell would?

Multitasking? No one and not dispute - the computers for this and need. Only if man serfit on there deliberately or serves any other task,
The on parallel game have him time hardly will remain. Immersion in process game - chief factor obtain from it pleasure. Perhaps, for any something
Individual zadrotskikh games and such same gamers computer's a hunk will remain number 1 (I, too, umudryayus play in football without curiously joysticks), but if to talk about
Srednestatisticheskom geymere, the question about how, that better suited for gamanya - WordPad or PlayStations, simply illyuzoren.

Text or: Exception massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, but this most oppressive nerd stuff, so that and well, that on gear his there is no ^s organs is ^

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Ah here is you so and failed to to answer have.
40 (87995) on three years, this given that he even brings me money, and need me for work, and I serve with 3D graphics.
Second technical characteristics computer higher, much, and this nowadays it.
The that on consoles can be pump with torrentov, this yes, but need to download, burn disk, and all of this do with the help computer! I.e. for normal work consoles you even need computer! And even is needed monitor, for good graphics. And not easier have computer, with mate a montorom, normal acoustics, look films, listen to music, radio, cubicles, windsurf, too in online; it's and that most importantly - FREE OF CHARGE VSE THAT pump, I for examples not buying already very long, ah except some litsukhi, to support me favorite authors.
About parallel serfa and games, I same said that there is game, in which even on accelerating account for sit wait events to 5 minutes, ah there is such game, if stupidly sit wait, the entire [kayf]deaf.
About everything Cold heads and zadrotnykh games, this your subjective opinion, because as IL2 recognized the best simulyatorom until now, and born crawl this not understand, so same there is no on gear politician to simulators tanks, the U-boats. This on your, too, zadrotnye game? I here is for example believe, stupid drive in football on computer, okay and not on the street (I have same the tank there is no on the street), but this my personally opinion, so same as personally your opinion about massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.
Let us shall come to view that computer DALEKO NOT an underdog, so after all young man?



Uffda, dispute nor about than.
If have someone is worth super of each-mega WordPad with navorochennym iron, which is used in parallel for work, then this the private case.
I same with the outset'm talking about about friend, you to take your minds on time from own persona and reason it for with positions human, which computer's a hunk need
For Burger King recently needs, office and similar tasks, NOT demanding high capacity. Such the user buys computer's a hunk on 3-5 years (and can
And more) and the cost of such a phones not exceeds and 30 thousands of. Objections there is? Think, that there is no - rightly move further.

Sometimes our anonymously want relax and play in video-game. His WordPad consumes Scuds game not in able, and spent on
Upgrades is thus meaningless. Forth, he not wants sit anchored to not very celebratory monitor take a careful, and play sitting on couch and looking
On impressive sizes cubicles-screen was set up. That is why such here is average the user would prefer to purchase purpose,
Because with economic and with ergonomicheskoy points of view - this more surest decision.

Ah and now personally my opinion: Argument about multitasking - at all not argument, because in this case we are talking about computer, as about
S gaming platform. Forth, the problem "burn on layer disc" sounds so, as if record ranks very much time and fulfill its under force
Only elected. Forth, "for normal work consoles need computer" - and there is today people, akess open order-gene purpose, but not akess
Computer, capable exits in staff? Hardly.
Forth, pro "game that require 5-minute expectations, attack planes and camping on D.. " Interestingly to know, what is audience raskhvalivaemogo aviasimulyatora? Perishing
Perhaps under all virtues this game interested in very limited circle people, so that yes (not think, that want wary of offending) its can be regard,
As zadrotskuyu. On analogies with grievance in worded football and shortage of personal tanks: I same not can on the street play in one team with players team
Russia, uh, news flash, yes?

And summary: Computer, as once the platform, dies out and this fact, about which held still in the Nighttime my geymerstva (here still can be me take a guess here,
Why same Microsoft once decided to to address developing XBOX). There is game, which a on your nerd box can be better, than on effort - shall not pass deny, but
This single cases (justice sake of, on gear unique games, which never was on computer, okay, better position not less). I better position not putting doWn
Gaming dignity computers and not making this a big deal dignity boxes - me in general something would still, who of them better / worse, for [igromaniya]already has passed.



D good candidate because:

1. Tell me please pro purpose on which can be download with torrenta and burn on disk?
2. The that computer has modular structure and his can be aprgreydit, in this Relish. Buying purpose you sitting with it until exit next.
3. Suppose that computer not for work. But you missed the that I can use his as multimedia center, again same pump with neta all tool and here same classification. Given the dime the cost of khardov, I can have not limited art collection IGR, films, music. But on effort? Hoards? To collect dust?
4. What maximum authorization supports PlayStations? And computer? Who said that me hard to cut WordPad to the same the plasma &? And where after connectivity will notation in higher? Where game will lagging on Xbox posts 512 operativy or on computer, okay with 4 Gb?
5. Have IL2 millionth audience. And some of the game for consoles that you called, for me wasted breath - buoyed by your logic - geek game.
6. Many of the game proplachenny were only for exit on gear (Microsoft rich kantora), but such methods Flunk (See license terms. COD3), with with Shleifer concludes! And the that direction chair chosen Microsoft can be wrong, even not is discussed.
7. I understand can be simulate behavior the tank, plane, but behavior human until even no one could simulate. Want you to derail the, you play not with team and with computer in T-shirt team.

And nowshot!

Crossings of me please on what effort I will be able play in diablo 1.2.3, StarCraft, Warcraft). And not say me that this zadrotnye game. Over you already scoff.



Can be was limiting itself to one point: "I play ON computer, okay, think your dad THAT LUChShIM IZ everything she said, THAT IS ON SVETE, ANYTHING OTHER ME NOT SHOULD come And SLYShAT NOT WANT TO."
Not to recognize moreover, that have computers, as s gaming platforms, cloud shortcomings and moreover, that initially computer not sharpened under game - here is this "very" objectively and in
The same least clever, continue in the same vein.



Shortcomings earn, and get high Sea. And pristavochniki repose. And will sleep.



Ah here is - slugging it out fans Batman's with fans Hollywoodland. And all like say couple of words about was similar, not disunity. Consoles closer to computer degree, the computers blizhke to DS - this two lines, which ultimately peresekutsya, despite all laws geometry. Here is, that I wanted to say. There are several of views about -owned a new consoles and you upgrade old phones, but all they indexed to protrebnostyam separately fact user. To be sure console not will give me the freedom actions in the same Internet and other small household joys (can be of course zamorochitsya - buy triple the price accessories, align all of this junk, but as the decisional laziness. So same, as decisional laziness to connect WordPad to plasma, that would play in Fallout on a large screen), however on consoles I at all not'm sweating my back off about new demanding games - I simply know, that she I have goes and increasingly! At all here here is hit mentioning torrentov - this separate theme conversation. Is called she: I litsenzionschik / I sit on a pirate, and relations to a common topic, namely comparisons gaming abilities phones and consoles, by and large not has. Id say so - there is always choice: The quality of against freebies. The quality of says the very for himself - and a freebie. - good that and there is a freebie. - - if shit proves, then and sweep not a pity. Anyways not about is we now.
In times of UNIF or-Ghi to talk about what the competition was foolish - WordPad then seemed what the not attainable immutable, affordable only elected. With way out Pleysteshn 1 the situation has changed dramatically, because now consoles can freely work with 3D graphics, and this there was famous sovereign patrimony RS. Immediately a series of pisishnykh things perekachevyvayut on purpose, with without special graphic losses, yes still and eksklyuzivy are beginning stack up against it. Everything - revolution occurred and competition has become possible. Moreover, with way out Pleysteshn 2 (we 1999, then whether 2000 year) on computer, okay simply not did such or games. What not the moment cost seems Fantasy X! Consoles on moscham in the very moment cabinet members Secretary the computers and let not on long (later all of this deal equals the), but fact remains fact.
Another offers moment - handling. Here disputes with in flight in different hand spit in it, not disappear apparently never. I was among those, who spoke, that play on geympade in 3D category: Shooter video games - this Brad. And later has passed on KhVOKh 360 Students luck, BioShock (film), Rezistens, the COD 4 and now play in Killzone 2. Normal governance, want you say.
Now emerged choice: Play in alone and same game but at different platforms has and this very ambitious project!
P.S. I in fundamentally disagree, that [igromaniya], as phenomenon dies out. I disagree, that RS, as once the platform not pressing. I not agree with opinion about the "of commitment" on gear. And about good understanding sound a on your nerd box - that would obtain quality unit, need buy a good sonic map, spell out sistemnik, establish driver, to have schtupped a series of both of, but on Pleysteshn 3 enough enlist HDMI by in ensured connector. I still I very not love word "nerd stuff." Here is ??? and all, that I mean say.



And here is and cavalry. With which fully agree.
The only that, several issues, but already not to dispute, and simply for the common development (can I that the not'm catching?)
I think not the problem to cut plasma to my computer, simply by native APC and all, incidentally can be to cut razvetlitel, and simply knopochkoy switch when need to, is worth pittance.
About game with geypadom, in any case regulation produvat in online; it's, those who with with the mouse, there very is important sensitivity, have I the accurately know.
About of sounding not see problems, compatibility, too, rare in our days, especially if to qualitatively reviews revere.
The most the main question this has license. I unfortunately faced so phenomenon, for me very not joyful, what pirate feel more comfortable! Yes, yes. The quality of pardon voting, game the one. But several fortunes drilling pirate. I get collection with all patches, and not beat myself up with stop. How many times buying litsukhu stumble on:
False the key! Faced first time with the COD :U O it turned out that a whole party withdrew with wrong keys, most a terrible that they were expelled key only on OBYChNOY can accomplish by mail! This tin! Was then and with other playing games.
Scary fixation (, Steam ah you me find, Thousand restarts, but on a pirate put and you play
Defacing the high, they same snap -, here is so and staircase archive. And pirate always in online access. Put pump 15 minutes and game in pocket. The latter how.
The only from-for what buying litsukhu, this for support performance producer and to play by networks!



Those and risible me this dispute, because a fan boxes I not was never, and about the process of the game on computer, okay can to tell far more, simply
To declare "WordPad - people reform the people reform the people, and consoles - shit" - this what something fan razbryzgivanie spit in it, as well as and argue, that
"Consoles on all indices better leave the computer on in gaming terms of."
There is a host class games, which much better met on computer, okay (to mind strategy and massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) and there is the other class pristavochnykh games,
Which geeks and not (releases. Why cannot be adequately approached only to these two classes and not borrow of them the best - the puzzle.

Incidentally in dispute just torgot the fact, that consoles possess thus characteristic of the, as portability and large diversity types of governance. Although, of course,
Can be said, that the laptops also our asses kicked all portable the console, as and their stationary brethren. But this already full Brad.

And still strange, that dispute constantly svalivalsya in side comparison all opportunities the PC against only game shows opportunities boxes.



Double-made Tupolev.
I simply want say that declared computer an outsider is NOT available for. This accurately. Portability foolish. Can be muster WordPad in minitower, and than bad notebook? And often you're all running around with the prefix under with the mouse?
Not need to quarrel with those to other opportunities phones, they simply complements s gaming process. But basic advantages you missed yes?



Result statistical data, reflecting deposit performance consoles and the PC in s gaming industry, and here is then this will be dispute, measuring on
Objective information, and until such data not, the all will reckon exclusively opinion everyone.
Me all same sometime, that on todays day the share of market have boxes lot more, as and the percentage of their unique projects.

With the prefix under with the mouse I period almost every day and name of this effort PSP, and there is still such a pleasant thing as DS. And here unparalleled in CCP there is no on the most
Quotidian reason moreover, that owners CCP buy their not with goal have fun.
Notebook (attention: For games) bad those, that his time work rigidly limited, not to mention convenience governance. Again, the laptops there are
Not for games.

Deal not in pridirkakh to opportunities phones: Clear, as day, that have phones functions in been more, than have boxes, here comparisons simply languages,
So I and want, to you abstragirovalis from multitasking and have focused on comparison ONLY game shows opportunities.

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At all the, mentioning the a license, I had in view the console. With tech in our country all and so understandable - from whom campaigning investigative mind, compensated full lack of finance, the without labor will find "worker image" (I so love this terminology - "image", as if about what the surprisingly know say. And still "tabletka", "quack" and "repak." Piss yourself can be with these pirates), the rest of the - mercy of am asking me in Music. Good you, rest which, would still until (and thank God) more. I have there is buddy, he incidentally here zaregen already year as, but until still nor words not wrote (apparently that the with grammars). So here is, he times, roughly in gender year, makes me Made to Order and-bag compact disks. I realistically not am shitting you - he for times Takes more, than I on procurement entered. On question: "Why not pumping what's?", replies tersely - "the fuck?." Man old hardening - not trust these informatsiya my French flipper trick-dryuchkam, fleshkam-khreneshkam. An emu give disk oldovyy, the Client's self-confident hand Soviet of the proletariat. And in than the I with him agree - himself, there is no there is no, and I'll pick some up Unreal kolektsyniy, civilization from 1 es, kvestik there what any - let lie, law of averages there toenail clipper, far. CD or DVDs, as carriers - this deal habits.
About types of and options connections - has tried as the the coffee grinder to the toilet bowl enlist, but on time oseksya. And if without jokes - yes there is no problems and engineered buy and simplifying the this system, but as the decisional laziness, yes and time on experiments not particularly I. Pro gamepad - so me your network war not awful - I with destiny-in single and play. Not pulling as the in legitimate output with myselfjust a teenyboppers their dicks deal. I game for pleasure buying, not for what would with me what the vasya have filled 100 fragov and I from anger itself joystick damage. I better will go game and under music final credits, with easy, slightly, uh, strong out smile on personified by, open returned beer.
And still couple of words, but tighter not to dispute, and so - for the common development. As you already guessed it, expensive guys - couple of words about love to GDP - to pods......). It known, that love to GDP gets vaccinated still in early or later childhood. And if parents child not have opportunities to influence passions their children, then this, temporarily renew political, gladly occupy his friends. Have my friends were UNIF and I have was UNIF, have friends were-Ghi and I have, too,. And I glad, that familiarity with the world video entertainment I have began precisely with consoles and I not regions to hang-ups, game under supervision parents, and srazhaniy with a daddy yet for place before leave the computer on. I simply threwin one Polackjoke cartridge in purpose and played, and on weekends with look forward waited transmission of "UNIF - New reality."


33 for the common development

About phrase Bring the statistical data, reflecting deposit performance consoles and the PC in s gaming industry- she contributed mightily, what deposit performance? Not zadavayte such issues candidate Sciences on matt. Statistics. I hope, that not arises dispute in is that, in Russia PC lead of? Ask have Alexander, he seller, he not will give to lie to, and pardon on other countries me don't give a shit, they there kvashenu such as cabbage not eat,, too, on statistics.

About game shows opportunities I already spoke, see Higher, the RAM, vidyukha, place on disk. All of this reflected in his-ucts and as a games. Availability of as much as trends - strategy, simulators, normal quests. Pardon this all virtually only on FS. Is content be repeated. About mobility, there is noubuki for IGR!, entire series of. Comparison PSP, this pardon another the, I for example modicum and gamer play on it not was able, this pardon too poorly, let us to discuss normal platforms.

Yes incidentally on PC there is opportunity enjoy MODami that transforms a virtually any game and gives it second life

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Ah about network battles this on color and taste of. I for example not can fall asleep until together people with degtyarevym street for you, as the fun in Sexvideochat, such few well accented! With leave the computer on in single very boring. Incidentally Sashas try the COD a realm there there is network levels from zombies fight them off, in cooperative with co-players, ad- with a chair flows down :)

And with teenyboppers their dicks meryayus I on forums. :)

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is2 wrote:

About phrase Bring the statistical data, reflecting deposit performance consoles and the PC in s gaming industry - she contributed mightily, what deposit performance? Not zadavayte such issues candidate Sciences on matt. Statistics.

Performance share market. Although find his-in "same" pisishnikov and dissociate their from number of "neigrayuschikh" hardly perhaps.
Pro the high-hat already all increasingly long understood, need to was still point to name much skating and middle pass Points notebook.



Let I you immediately immediately in centimeters Id say, what you from afar the?



Here is this and there is figure your level judgments.



And after all you not answer have, on all my reasoning clung to to not being daring,. Lost dispute admit it, just admit! Here is when learn to change opinion, under impact facts, here is then you grow up. And about middle of a ball, for such question you'll be a joke in any society, the more there where there are people with by academic degrees.



If anything - the dispute this you both "lost." With all due respect and debate the on the subject was foolish. Here as in a century war - by the end of already no one not mind from for what she began. One dug his heels in and got that varrick all arguments, the other began frankly to be rude, is and strum medals. Who from you who - I think themselves start working. And until - advertising pause:

Alan Wake



Company Blizzard Entertainment decided not issue game Diablo III in 2010, reports Amazing. This information confirmed financial director of first Activision Blizzard Thomas Tippl (Thomas Tippl) during a special press conference in New York. He told, that the third part of Diablo cherished invulnerability in sale in for "next few years", but in plans on 2010 year this game not ranks.

From prodemonstrirovannogo on press conference graphics should, that in 2010 will mark release StarCraft II. Across semblance, speech goes about first episode ,-winning subtitle Wings of Liberty. Just within this project will issued three parts. Previously reported, that Wings of Liberty will emerge in the first half of 2010. Dates exit episodes StarCraft II: Heart of the swarm (ESA mission) and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void not utochnyalis.

Aside from this in publishing house Activision Blizzard confirmed, that release third additions to popular Log4j game World of Warcraft), dubbed cataclysm, will mark not before 2010. A new multiplayer project studio Blizzard Entertainment, which still not typically recognized announcing, will come in the coming years, as and Diablo III.

The official an announcement a new parts of Diablo By in July 2008. In this clauses / RPG leadership yet to examine accidentally generated dungeon and fight with numerous enemies. Already known, that among affordable classes characters will attend a barbarian, Vilenski postal road, a sorceress and monk. Game will come out on PC and Mac.


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