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Videos game shows novelties

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14 June speak? That the still should will in this day happen, but here is that the quite not can recall. Selling young horses is much about this tomorrow.



Like already withdrew on RS and Khvokh 360



Shadows Of The Damned

Game from studio Grasshopper that had been given us all from Devil May Cry, Killer 7, and Resident Evil 4! Admirers creativity Mikami is dedicated to. Shadows of the Damned will offer players to fight for survival in outside Ada, USSR with superior forces demons, solve's puzzles and beat with truly gigantic the power brokers. In 20-'s numbers June promise issue this game on Playstation 3 and KhVOKh 360! Waiting for!

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Sonic Generations

Ah finally the! After almost 15 years debased, framers all ??? realized and adopted the fact, that popularity Sonic's is not in steep 3-D and curiously bespontovykh chamber cartwheels, and in simplicity and speed, destiny of only 16 fringes bit DS. Guys from Sega (want to think, that in team will although would several man, who created original Sonic's) decided to return to roots was literally sysle: As in sight from rollers, from the most first part of remained. Increasingly! Only adjusted on modern technology, but plays increasingly the same music, heard all those same sounds, levels all those same, only seem they obemney, and the dynamics it seems the same the same) SU100 for many years I will wait a new Sonic's, pass for, um, express must in 4 th quarter current year.



A cool be adults. Very rewarding for climate species during game.



And want mixture of GTA and Fallout, lightly dusted with category: Left 4 Dead th? If yes, then are looking this a hysterical the commercial (there initially the girl's aunt mesit speed bump zombaka hands - very ironically), pronikaytes spirit of a paradise islands, where all vacations have become suddenly, Li-smelling zombie., and valsti wait official an announcement of - after all date exit until now still is unknown, however dare suggest, that judging by caught off guard when you voice-over, degree of willingness game, more 80%. So that in this year, thanks to us with you, zombies will sleep on the beach especially actively)



Shopping koshmaternaya! Perhaps this originates earthquake on Haiti.



Game for young Chekotil



Ah here is - this the latter a drop for those accident, who still not has acquired Khvokh 360. You modicum know what you terminates?! This will be the most the best 3D Action 2011 and this even not is discussed! Of course will and Battlefield 3 and the COD: Modern Warfare 3 and Rage can even released in term, but this cross situated projects, in which can play any and every, and here is gears of War 3- this Exclusive with big hew. Entire charm of engine Unreal Engine 3 you can contemplate only here. And of course same then will appear and other projects on this engine, but first time across so say sharp, see his can be will only here. Khvokh 360 is worth the that would his buy, although would because, that autumn this will be your the most espoused game!



Military, but XBox would still not d buy. Only will for you. :glasses:



Now have fanatics creations legend (games here perhaps and there is no) zatryasutsya sweaty little hands, podognutsya legs and head goes loop. Meet a new fun program on universe removed the of the Rings - lotr: War in the North! And game the it turns out still year ago announced on E3. Ah that OK - seems pair of skates, time razraby for good reason not lost. War in the Northwill multiplatformennym project, so that quite not necessarily to flee in Music for Video Games, and can be shake off dust with old sistemnika, 's Klavu and expose mouse and zanuritisya in the world magic, rubilova and curiously other fenteziynykh units.



Cool . Game, think,, too, classroom will!



And when she goes?



The thing is, TWA - the contestant bi anonsed. Shutyu - 8 / 24 / 2011



Witness comrades - a new Tomb Raider this simply incredibly!



The most best chicks-stendistki (Booth Babe) with the greatest geymvystavki E3



X-Men: Destiny

And here is and new People-X Salihorsk! Their the emergence of was only question time, the more, that the film already ends in the domestic Minibuses for Hire, strange, that game not withdrew before, after all usually such products enable forward, and already then comes the movies. And here release's, even 4000m2 as well as on 4-Interwiev quarter 2011 and this under quite as mediocre (until) chart. Ah yes not let us before time to do conclusions - have razrabov still almost gender year and personally me not leaves hope, that game will interesting and pretty. Edinburgh, (who Origin) me for example very grassroots.

And here framers give interview and show gameplay.

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And again magnificent Rage! Already in mid-September we with you get another adventure in-style Fallout, with perfect graphics, pile weapons and opportunity drive on the most deadly cars, me future! It seems, that John Carmack again will revolutionize in talent, FPS, if anything - very want in this to believe. … age/716964 here more full version of diaries developers from ID Software

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Augustus still never was so far, as now, after all the, promised still spring, a new Deus Ex. All admirers, kiberpanka, FPS 3-D Action, stealth games and of course same an RPG, will, than to address in late summer. Expect 23 August.



Darksiders II

Ah think comments are excessive - Darksayders 2 will become a reality in late. 2012, Hi, ( … -ii/717620 - here make a video blog for those who not likes advertising before rollers.


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