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Videos game shows novelties

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And the first swallow in this topic Modern Warfare 2 or Call of Duty 6. Action again is happening in modern fact. Fantastic graphics, a dynamic gameplay!



Playstation 3 Vs. Xbox 360
War open order gene consoles



Assassin's Creed 2

All more than nice. Waiting for November.



Bioshock 2

Game, that very await the!



And I here is another igrukhoy ignited, in 2010 will! Online! Yes even pro tanks. Obyazatelno NB trailer, such hit-and-run on - Warcraft! :)



Very promising trailers. Nothing of them not clear. Times so, then and rejoice at prematurely.



Here is you food to discuss - the Metro 2033 (book)
. Truth-in 2010. Talk.



Liked! Only here is weapons such where? Museum revolution my heart's content deprived? Hope, judging by voice-over, will the exit to the surface, otherwise korridornyy shooter - and this collapse



Me, admit, it looked, that plaything Pripyat kakashnyoy gives. Personally by my, strictly subjective's preferences, like would, that would Metro 2033 in spirit and Playability, proved closer to Follautu 3, than to faceless raspiarennoy khokhlyatskoy pribautke shtalkeru, which, ye g p / pl Selyanska khlopets, zaroblyati grush, zrazu upivatisya until Zeleniy sopliy and stavati poganiy ye cae ? aeii.(yes forgive the me Khokhols for my khokhlyatskiy).



Me, too, not availability of. On-my, this worse than and face. And that especially strange, so this speech. Wasn Yanks make this game?! On-my, must Khokhols. Or have signed again something not succeeded. When OK we 'II ever see anything, truly, nashenskoe!



Dima, yakhontovyy you our. The commercial did for foreign audience, and igrukha the whether khokhlyatskaya, then whether our, but under potronazhem Western igrodelcheskikh studios. And pro nashenskoe you rights - allow fps pro Budyonny's Cavalry, fighting too pro forward to-fighting on fists and sports simulator "stickball 2010" with you GoldenCore!



I thought, that Bondarchuk podsuetitsya with Metro faster, than igrodely :D
And if seriously, then me would this game was would interesting, the trouble only in is, that its need to do on the principle of "not First,", ah and at all too many
Will claims with hand his fans books in any case.



For me increasingly said
Remains only wait :-)



Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The a new Drake for Playstation 3! You as want, and I pick up volumes K itself this element in the bedroom. First part of has passed with enormous gusto.


15 MA It cool videonovosti world games. With the session by yourself From Vinta



An excellent site, Anton! That me liked, so this the, that to pods...... belong not as to day's garbage, and well itself even respectfully. And the image game boxes, long and stubbornly nasazhdaemyy igromaniyami, game ekze and other lawyers perish now periodic this line, densely ingrained among pisishnikov, as negative. And here all objectively and nice)



Yes go on, I constantly read igromaniyu, there contrary, constantly cite consoles, positively. Ah and I to them negatively am, can because as network category: Shooter video games, simulators, strategy, what I love, as times on gear not particularly.



Not tell - this in the last time (can couple of years or so), the same [igromaniya]starters little by little, so say, not attracting special attention, to do timid, but objective reviews and sonechki the third and 360 th mailbox. Simply cannot be was more deny the fact, that on consoles go powerful and, importantly exclusive collecting game virtually all genres, that in turn forces some the percentage of pisishnikov to acquire consoles, sake of such things, as Killzone 2, in the of Morgan Planet, as "2, serials gears of War, seems Fantasy, Tekken, God of War, Resistance, Metal Gear, burnout (Oh sorry - now he there is and on computer, okay). With strategies until that there is some suction, but, as nor fact - let better they (strategy) remain on PC - as the it so safer. And further more will - over those times, when play in Doom on klave was steep, than in flock on UNIF, and have Resident Evil on PS one not was nor one adequate rival on PC, 's no one else except uyobischnogo in all relations Along in the Dark. And all deal in is, that the brink of gradually erased: The current generation boxes on their opportunities and resources surpasses old generation laptops, huh. People with KhVOKh 360 can quietly play by networks with PCshnikami in prevents Red Alerty and CoDy, and producers distinctively kompovskikh essentials and programs rush, like this the console blyutusami, vayfayami, interpolate their by, create collateral software for he and streamlining with PC.
I never was RSshnikom, I brought together quite greater art collection consoles and very Ideology cherish, and see them put whether sat would evenings for leave the computer on, if it comes not work and Internet, but now it is time, when we all become are inseparable. Perhaps this well, after all, if deal - have us and choice the there is no.,



If turn to history development computers, then obvious will the, that created they not for games and have evolved not sake of games. In, too, time
Industry boxes proceeded in contrary direction. And if while, computers decisionmakers doing business with PlayStations on equal (I so think,
That this was roughly years 10 ago and lasted few years), then now accurately so same obviously, that average the PC for
Modern games not Felix Blumenfeld utterly. Constant the problem with shortages capacity iron, problems with compatibility, problems with governance and camping on D.
And camping on P., when wield the prefix brings the full pleasure gambling away process.
Computers they are irreplaceable for under addressing many-many other tasks, for whom not inadequate and never will "BEAUTY PRO" consoles, but all that concerns
Games, then here the PC - absolute an underdog. In my opinion, as states.



Eternal dispute from series of AMD steep a Pentium. If I believe the PC full an underdog, here pardon I windup. Start with graphics, a modern WordPad for 30-40 tys and PlayStations, which withdrew how many time ago? When a new? Where graphics better? My my computer third year, bought his for 40 and am not expected to change, on it ploughs all, can of course after holidays I'll pick some up vidyukhu for 5,000, ah not fact.
Multitasking. I utterly quietly can launch one of my strategies, in parallel sit in online; it's, in I.M.S, look the TV or listen to because the music. Especially when strategy from series of day victory 3, where account for wait even on accelerating.
Simulators, pardon but IL2 strike aircraft, which the only and the extraordinary, which in wacky version of only goes on effort, I in him'm flying, flying already years five, and I have to him joystick, shikaryy, Flight! And all parts of verboseness huntera?
Took my favorite games on troop? Call of Duty UO, on networks? Can be to enumerate until indefinitely.
On FS there is no problems with piratkoy, 're skating with torrenta, here same're putting, patchish, wreck your. Can be to lift screenshot, broadcast posting in network discuss.
I have, pardon, s gaming experience, with 86 year. Played in increasingly. So that young carefully can advise not to do rapid conclusions.

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