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Wolfenstein ( PC )

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And I some time ago saw on TV, as the backdrop development and upgrading the this game. Immediately markedly, as is changing graphics, breath and game in a whole. Very was interestingly :)



Has passed yesterday WOLF. Is deprived mass!
The first affair want from behalf of just Forum (even those who not played) thank team Great and Horrible ID Software for another masterpiece in talent, FPS, yes and just modern igrostroya in a whole. Be adults Lies extremely is it apt. Will try be easily summarized, but inclusive.
About Wolf (with your allowing the d to call game so) can be everyone forever, can be his love or love, but not very, however as nor fact the first Wolf was the first robin in FPS, albeit not quite successful, but certainly memorable. And Doom so at all has strengthened positions "shooting games from first faces" or, as their then branded as "three HaVaYaH action,." Hence, exactly and starters kovatsya history.
Wolf has survived already two re-edition and need to say virtually always was becoming bezzogovorochnym hit, porozhdavshim together clones and means spats with mods, actually on engine. And after all in this universe indeed there is, where a field day! Actions game occur during the second World War, and the main hero becomes American agent the Polish origin the Jay Blazhkovich. As usually mission his are simple until I - save the world, ah and to derail in parallel brash plans fascists on tackle parranormalnykh abilities. In the first parts of we even meet with themselves Hitler (to word this the latest boss), which quite not is simple.
Aside from standard snaperskikh rifles, playing and machine with flash grenades, the Jay enclosed and unique weapons, type ognemetov, bazuk, plasma guns and even weapons Tesla's. In of last version of game all weapons amenable to a tune-up, which can be exercise, buying improvements have traders with black market. Plus have female protagonist there is some tuliyskiy medallion, able to transfer sending owner in the world Black sun - someone`s parallel reality, where is raging rampant energy, Indispensable UN Nazi scientists for construction their hellish machines. But this still gender evils - in makeup (world Black sun) live different create, which far not always friendly relative to the uninvited guests. What only is worth Queen-Womb There It Is or it mutates general. However with the help the medallion you can slow time, establish shield or strengthen in several times its weapons, that of course same will help in battles with the power brokers, not to mention ordinary enemies.
Graphic component is on high-level. Many left from destroyed facilities, real behavior AI and of course same otletayuschie in all sides otstrelennye limbs fascists, look very even! my summary - play, play and still times play in a new WOLF. The most usidchivykh in late awaits prize)

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:rofl: forced brother download "democracy-version of" this game, watch as she, ant it was sufficient whether our WordPad. In general us not very liked. On same engine that and his reform Duthie. Even some badges similar. Such a sense of that you play simply in some mod this the most "to-about-Afghan." Himself the plot study not have become, so as simply not was sucked. The whether we grow, then whether're getting old))



Holy shit! You still democracy-version of pumping what's? In our advanced set innovating age, people, Finns such Putin, as "torrent" can be at all forget about thanks times and forever. Nothing in common with

Smokli wrote:

his reform Duthie

Game not has and have not can, so as "Call of Duty" there is baby Activision, while Wolf product companies ID Software, that inevitably means either dumovskiy, either kveykovskiy engine, what have code simply not can be. Seeming on first glance the similarities these two igrukh mean. Yes, agree, Wolf not uses recent graphic templating engines and not shine by mnogotysyachnymi textures on every oncoming character, however fi component plus opportunity bleeder, yes and freedom choice action, shed until they are taken WOLF in another, and the and, who knows - in better reorientation unlike code. Here stare hard enough need to. And deal even not in growth or old age, but rather here is in than: Here is rudely speaking goes for year N-\ u0027s his-in shooting games from first faces, and for human, which plays rarely, all you pro war seem conflate, you pro monsters and pro robots, too,, and priority this man, gives the game, that before saw. Type: Call of Duty steep, than '' Medal of Honnor, Beejay, Battlestrike and camping on D. And goes, that deal here not in get freaky graphics, not in novizne, and exclusively in at the, on 100% subjective the palm championship, which and defines in delneyshem preferences separately fact sowas. But get a complex not need to - this normal, yes and trees before higher were, and the grasses, respectively - greener. Kal reform Duthie of course the good game, himself love not can, but she pro other Germans and quite pro another war. And incidentally - ID Software spats with mods, actually on othersgame not makes. And the that badges similar - so this bullshit! They in all Games there is, that OK now, not sketch their that whether?



Yes okay, democracy version of a-rockin '. And remove their unkind need to not later than through clock after racing. We with you on this about already chatting away comfortably ;-). Ah and about engine. Did could not those have these buy couple of technologies? To earn quick and gentle family money not attracting many expensive resources?



I think here deal in professional pride. ID Software in 90s were deemed slightly whether not steep all rest developers, after all then was era of 3D Rosso Index K.K. and the most prvni, namely Kveyk, Wolf and Dum, mainly by on share of ID Software. This in 2000s priorities have gamers been and John Carmack's (idea father Dum) and anything have become podzabyvat. But time, as known, goes on spiral and here is already in 2010 we will see a lovely Rage and likely if not themselves game, how least releases Quake 5 and Doom 4. And about graphics in the new Wolf - not such a great she there and the bad. Even I do not that there you so in it not appreciate. I gladly played.



Game normal. Especially appealed deploy to the first volfam. On black market posed me question: Afield a spear fate? :)



Yes deal such: With arc of forced bro's download "people, say, praises. -Detach it you from VOVy. " He to download his its with acidic, booby, when began play - I somewhere was missing, and when returned - see picture: Erysipelas even as sour as, on the screen antics agree, which need to kill, cries "cautiously pomegranate" and calligraphy "you life has search shelter", ranks at - protective circle with by an asterisk within, denotes the purse currency in what side goal mission. I ask: "Ah as game?" And he says "yes'm just sitting and play in to-about-Afghan, only with other entitled." Not dispute, can us got any's-nudes, with so same entitled.



:huh: I at all want not understood - that precisely you not appreciate? The that clothed kill need to? Can I not'm catching what, but all that you from above enumerated, there is normal and adequate phenomenon for any you with guise of from first faces. Can you waited, that on you there Orcs safe with ripped and need to will of them ekspu, yes shmot knocking the crap out? I think, that human densely an elephant sitting on Vova and I don't expect can be than the seriously at good. ??? ?? ? ? in China or Korea focus on maintaining youth online massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game sravnivmo wasn that with natural disaster: Many're lowering on these igrukhi entire the cash, not sleep for weeks, not learn, not turning off WordPad, poorly subsist, not they are falling rapidly in the real life friends, geeked with coils and this certainly not full list. Fanatic Insured can be divert induced medically or banishing his in Stone age, striking down my computer. But in our time this not the problem - there is same computer clubs, yes and netbook inexpensive prikupiv can be gamat on vayfayu under patchwork, until all sleep. That Volfenshteyn, that owner Alexej Fimushin odds dimensioned Shift, that of Linija Mass Hippotherapy - want these people not need. This as man clothes one on leading character offer in return a beer, eh popit. Like as both substances must pleasure yield, only one thing injects on full, and another quite not gettin 'a context high. So and with drugs perhaps - that the likes, that the not very, but on that the can be very densely get addicted to that and real world around will become impediment, some pripyatstviem between player and game.
. And agree antics, hollering: Cautiously, pomegranate! And when their wounds, they are running for cover, but circle with by an asterisk ranks at always will show in what side their mission. So was, so there is and so will.



:cool: but could and something new devise. In late all so much years passed.



Ah write them letter. Type: Passed so much years, and you nothing new not have come up with. I of course and so play in it not d, and the high not buy, I on fact so write - pobryuzzhat, but here is you have there soldiers of antics and badges, as in anus reform Diamond and flash grenades still being - I simply ochumevayu, so on anus reform Diamond it seems, even 4000m2 as well as a scribe. And war you second the global had stolen - she already in anus reform Diamond was and Germans there, too, were, I the know - himself their there killed. And still when me there in the first level killed in really the early 20 thousands of times, then the writing an "you life has search shelter", you have she, too, such a there is. So that not game you have done, and got any's-nudes here is personally me. I from such affairs getting upset highly and migraine I have string.

With hatred, forever not your, Rockley.
P.S. Kal reform Diamond - Forever!



Ah about - upsetting and migraine - this of course flim and so well normally. Perhaps so and write.


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