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Man days

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Died Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy - very the Beautiful girl and talented actress, known-Reading in films: Dont talk less nor words, 8 Airbus A320, Supreme there in the stratosphere, capital sins, Love and other catastropheand others. In age 32 years died 20 December 2009 in his House in Los 1973 the from a heart attack. In 2010 with its the participation emerge: capital sins 2, pairand The Expendables.

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Simply terribly, when people die in such a early age (



Messrs. who watched anime A notebook Death / Death Note me figure. You not noticed that mostly these celebrities die from heart attack, stroke, heart attack. :confused:



With all due respect - on stilts this, uh, dog's. Andrei: Life this life, and cartoons - there is cartoons. In Note death Light killed criminals, and these then people ???? here?



Died Anna Samokhina

" . Last at night withdrawn from the life Anna Samokhina. Known actress, have which autumn discovered cancer stomach in fourth stage, died in one of St. Petersburg-based facilities. In 1987 Anna Samokhina received major female role in movie Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich "The Prisoner of the castle Aife" innovel Dumas "Graf Monte-Cristo" she played Mercedes. Moreover, actress Sundance in films "Don Cesar de Bazan want", "The Thieves in law", "Views smashed lights", "guests Petersburg", "The ideal weeding couple" and others. Just on ultimately Samokhinoy several tens of roles in films different genres - comedies, there's, whodunit, those action movies back, historical acctresses.
In early February, 2010 Anne Ellinger Samokhinoy was dubbed title Volun Artist Russia. "



Moreover, actress Sundance in films "Don Cesar de Bazan want", "The Thieves in law", "Views smashed lights"
She there koshki played?
(I simply recall raze not can)

P.S Andrei throw the anime)
You already not tell that, right fiction from Real.

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Died known the actor Wladyslaw from

Today about 14 :0 0 in Moscow died known the actor Wladyslaw from. As told the PBOC provide in GUVD Moscow, the actor died in his apartment on str. Gardens-Spasskaya. According to relatives apartment was opened, there was detected body W. Belteleradiocompany.

On a data, his death not has criminal character. In a series of media reportedly, that cause of death 38-year-old actor has become an urgent heart-???????? inadequacy.

Wladyslaw Borisovich from was born 25 December 1971g. In Leningrad. The Soviet and Russian the actor, Honoured artist Russia. Grew in family actor and director Boris Belteleradiocompany and Elena Demidova. His father and himself Wladyslaw - direct descendants sister famous Field Marshal Mikhail Kutusov.

Will be debut in movies for Vsevolod Belteleradiocompany has become role Huckleberry Finn's in picture Stanislav Govorukhin "Speak Toma Sawyer's and Huckleberry Finn's." Then him was nine years. In this movie starred and quirky customers Vsevolod Catherine Shulgina.

In 1991. Married on Svetlana Fomichevoy, with which to come roughly through year. 2 October 1998. Married on actress Daria Mikhaylovoy, children there is no.

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I JUST In CLAlMING. Dreams made heavenly. More In NAShEM the kino WATCH some.



His death quite not expected!!



Edwin Valero (1981-2010)



Ronnie James Dio(1942-2010)

Unique in their kind, musician, one of the founders of heavy-metal, Ronnie Dio began play still in late 50-'s) and managed to accept participation in such collectives, as Raibow, Black Sabbath, a part of all of, Heaven and Hell, and so same in ton of other solo projects. The first album his withdrew in 1963, the latest in 2006-forge the

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following the Hopper
29 th on May died one of the most famous and charismatic kinozlodeev 70-80-90-'s following the Hopper. His career began in mid-50-'s with roles difficult teenagers, he has appeared in more chem250 movies, among which: Apocalypse today, Boytsovaya fish,, leaving the Texas infamy chainsaw, Pridorozhnoe a place, Legile si celelalte acte love, Superbratya Mario, family water the world, Space the truckers, Attached with Didlamison and. Although, Hostages, Sentinel mechanism, of virtuoso, Earth dead, At sound head and other.

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Norman Wisdom

Known English acrobat, who played Mr. Pitkina and in pile other films previous years. Despite are the advanced age (95 years), Norman Wisdom continued to dissent on scene, touring... with its show.



Kingdom him heavenly. Very liked in movies walk on his films in childhood. With father were, just laughed.



In the US died known comedic the actor Lesley Nielsen

Think only, such man died. Him was 84 year. Again lose prominent people, whose achievements known virtually all. This one of the most indeed funny comedians over the past 20-30 years. A pity. :(




I only learned. In of shock. Kingdom heavenly him. Magnificent the actor. Ekhkhkhkhkhkh.



This was the great the actor. Such already more not will. D to revise his films - pomyanu.



1955 - 2011



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