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Decided to create a separate subject, where can be was would to discuss all, that strangled with art letters.



Hey, Nostradamus!
The author: Douglas Copeland? It's Norton
Genre: Modern proza
The reference for download:

If in more early novels the main the subject of creativity writer was description of world household and routine, then in this
Book Copeland? It's Norton Commission on themes perpetual and in some least taboo. Speech here goes predominantly about religion in sovre-
Mennom society. Only not about the religion, which entirely and fully should be based on refreshingly candid faith, but about religion,
Which has become thus same a product of consumption, as television or Internet. The main idea novel serves the, to to tell
Reader about difference between notions religion and belief , showing all of this on example people, alone of which believe fiercely debated and
Order fanatic followers, and other place navyazyvaemuyu religiosity questioning.

The most interesting succeeded the entrance and minor revisions head of, where first goes narrative about young and adults
Fanatikakh, and in custody full rebutting their a blind faith. Enough many provocative moments, many critics,
Present in some least banter and has (that in a whole tend not to for writer), but with other hand on established themes
Differently to speak and cannot be. Be faithful and be religious two hardly not opposite fortune. Precisely about this
And written book.

'm assessing as 4 / 5 and give under number 3 from all read books author


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Chronicles A Clockwork Ulitsa
The author: Haruki Murakami
Genre: Modern proza
The reference for download:

Book very a volumatic and utterly not behind in standard framework heros story concept of: "Themes, a premise-development-incursions-an endgame."
I would said, that development ranks about 99% novel, and in acidity the proportion should fit all the, that reader was able understand and learn
From this history. On tradition issues and innuendo proves in been more, than answers, which seek will have on their own, not were
Dayas clarifications and being told. That is why reader, which is in search for, certainly, appreciate this book, and reader, Standby from
Reading fifteen entertainment, not will understand here smooth ,-sum game nothing. Such is specificity not only literature Murakami, but and the entire
Japanese culture in a whole.

The hero novel the classic blockbuster post modernism, in which and creates writer. That this means? And means this smooth ,-sum game
The, that hero literature Murakami (and just direction post ) at all not Superman and far not example for role model, he office nezamys-
Lovatyy man, living in huge world, bycore in eternal turmoil and Madness. Hero not pits themselves this world, but and prini-
Mother participation in his affairs not wants. That same for him it is important? For him is important he himself, his domestic the world, his problems and his life, his and draw
More. For decorations, seemed would, dull trusts, lurks the world ambiguous, the mysterious and mystical, and our hero okazy-
Vaetsya the only, whom this otherworldly the world, the existing simultaneously with the world unusual, video their doors and puts before
Hero questions, solve which yet to throughout books. Aside from the principal syuzhetnogo development Chronicles include in themselves mno-
Numerous side branches of and podsyuzhetov. The most impressive look head of, covered WWII World: Not historical dokumental-
The Cold facts, and history lives survivors people, which proved placed in real hell war.

Murakami said, that Chronicles a birds - this attempt to write of absolute novel. On fact so and there is, only belinda's its
Or not yet to reader. Cannot be unambiguously accurately say, about than this book. She simultaneously "about everything" and "nor about than", so every chita-
Tel ??? here importantly in different things. However, also Murakami called Chronicles reading healing souls, and with this I absolutely agree. If you
Are tired of "heavy" literature, then "Chronicles" will become different choice for those who wants to give recreation to his reintroduce reason, but under this read
15 novel with profound sense and multi-faceted it.

And in the end he quote from novel, which mentioned in ties with mentality then still Soviet system: as have us is obtained? Than less
Man understands, the more power engulfs. Than less don, the better. Only so here can be survive. And to no fantasies


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Very love to read. Read many books and always simultaneously several. ???? adore re-read. There is of course can kick out, which. I'm throwing away in dustbin of. Dare give advice by choice books. People not be saps on advertising, not read garbage, now fashionable to to read "the popular Pulp", especially like this of the maiden, ah each holds in the hands of that the trendy, in subway, in cafes. And you start to speak, to discuss, so here she the and's gone rotten.
Yes of course this only my opinion, but all ???. Know there is real artists - Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Rpn, Levitan, and there is branded , in its time fashionable, Malevich, Dali, Safronov. Was in its time in Barcelona, saw creation an architect Antonio brand, know his? Perhaps there is no, because as was genius, far from "secular mingling", and also saw "crafting" Dali. Ah that you say, if would not his muza Gala (khokhlushka on origin), which loved to emerge naked on "presentations", that for of the time was very informs:, and that were attracted by sufficient childrens old plutocrats, after all virtually all "installation" resulted in popoykoy and gruppovushkoy, it god, even old BBSes art critics, with dried, and covered dust museum, tell about this host at culture, and try good this porno video. As for example novels of Nabokov, or Suskind, try good authors the sick.
Our language rich on emotions, he very flexible, a handsome, possesses a huge slovarnym endowments of, this recognized all, there is even brief version of, laconic, and understandable, for military, workers. This matt. In what language there is such? And what literature can with this financial? Read classics. Ah of course not entire, that the realistically is passe, this fact, for example "Cherry garden", and much from what were crazy mad Belinskie and company. But as you for example Gogol? This after, IPA, and also magnificent you're a funny boy. If would H.P. Lovecraft's read "ViJ", he would gone mad from of fear.. Okay that the I again has.

From foreigners recommend. Especially for family reading. For who likes animals.

Especially precisely this publication, old but with rich illustrations. Not regret, an excellent dubbed, and not only pro animals, how many pro a genuine love.

The reference on publication

There is publications modern, this author, all books simply charm of, but why the there is no illustration, that notorious.



Book Island Tyne, on which (and even on Tainstvennomu The island wedding, of our Verna), as I believe wash their hands LOST, ah of course added sex, drugs and Roque & Rolla, poni Pepia. Book in DjVu, viewer on anyone case in archive. All recommend, book is full rebuses, in direct sense words. As you can read it will discuss.

The reference only for their! Not spread!



Very interestingly. Admit, in childhood and their teens, when still not were so are widespread computers, cell phones and Internet, very liked to read. From wedding, Verna "The Mysterious island" I've been reviewing times five, not less. Very likes fiction, but not modern, and such the authors, as Robert Sheckley, Clifford (Clifford Simak novel) (perhaps the most a favorite the author series), Harry is the teacher, Pearce Anthony, Ray Bradbury, Steven King (not quite series, but nevertheless - his fantasmagorichnye Worlds scope beckon highly), Alfred Wang Vogt. From Russians authors very likes Anton Palych Chekhov, N. W. Gogol, Leonid Andreev (I on him in a college work an extensive wrote), Mikhail Bulgakov (, too, much work was written on "the Installation and Margarita"), Strugatsky of course same - yes in general perhaps many still whom. Downloaded Island secrets embodied - d to read.



And I here decided to revere my tesku - Dmitri Hlukhiv Raion "Metro 2,034." Previously I already have read "Metro 2033 (book)." Grabbed, Id say. Here is now want to continue reading. Say, that books not linked. Consider. Time will tell.






Not advise spend time on 2,034. Previous book much better, although itself not fountain. Author book clearly have, sucked out from finger as only could, full Propulsion But



Not can say, that g. About, but substantially weaker the first books.
Personally me even polufanatskoe "shelters" liked more.



Better play in the first the second FullOut :) Atmosphere full submersion in postatomnyy the world. Better any books. Especially rolls away autumn rainy on the evening, under light of desktop lamp and hot a cup of coffee on the table :) pardon for such a vehemence, ah simply perishing very them softball booklets,.



And what you like it or from fiction? Its cup of tea purely Pavlador-an, not vysokoideynyy, philosophical or psychological the search for. For this there are other genres and other the authors, in them tvoryaschie. And fiction, as and game, this is so. Relax, give brain have rest.



So there is same fiction written by a of well-, and there is arts and crafts, on hands. The plot a good, but is read hard-, many seats where the author tries to prompt much simply mnogosloviem. Yes and there is moments from which simply laughing want, with point visual defects technology for example, common sense. Such impression request, that book're being pulled back for ears to Metro, not he became the foundation, nucleus, the author as skin on tambourine is diddling the plot on scheme subway. I incidentally big lover of fiction, ah for example can be whether compare this book and "'re the middle children of in the universe" lunch for example?



The second book a tortured - dispute there is no. And here is the first part of me liked, especially head of about same) hero on the surface.



Amidamaru wrote:

produced book a tortured - dispute there is no. And here is the first part of me liked, especially head of about same) hero on the surface.

Incidentally precisely this moment, and also monsters in it anticommunism me reminded UFO :A ftermach



Having your remarks, not convinced me not to read its. After all own impression very it is important. All people different and with its perceptions of. Only having himself, I will be able do own conclusions, even if they such same, as you have.



Ah that same! You were right. All drained of from finger, as have many authors and directors. Ending the at all it struck me - his simply there is no. A pity that, beginning so aptly with reading "Metro 2033 (book)", Hlukhiv so digradiroval in "Metro 2,034" :( I frustrated.



Fans demanded - fans received, so that this guilt not only author.



country miracles without, says and End of light
The author: Haruki Murakami
Genre: Modern proza
The reference for download:

If to describe in two nutshell, then speech in novel goes about unity deal opposite. Furious, but empty the world external real.
And a soft-spoken, but a limited the world domestic spiritual. In end domestic the world becomes Bones world externalt strong enough many
Elements mystical, if not outlandish, as always many reasoning, reflection, many search - all, for that
Alone readers cherish Murakami, and other - call re being dreary and incoherent.
Lovers of break head and threaten questions without answer is dedicated to. A compelling book!

"Deep rivers INAUDlBLE flow."



And I not love questions without answers. Me need a. The principle. Although long naslyshen about creativity Murakami with positive perspective. Wanted to even revere "Chronicles a birds", but so and not rallied.



For specifics - here)

The author: Douglas Copeland? It's Norton
Genre: Modern proza
Ccylka for download: In electronic the form of is missing

This novel is a logical continuation of early Copeland up here now, but simultaneously not has nothing in common with rabotami-
Predshestvennitsami writer. Copeland? It's Norton more not convicts of public evils (as this was in Worst cannot be blamed shampoo ,
Hey, Nostradamus ), not that questions about vsepogloschayuschem alone separately the individual,, absolute
Futility life this rights and inability of them its to accept (as in of Life After God ). Here more there is no
Seats sadly, desperation and sadness having entered 21 age, writer decided to simply describe daily the ordinary (in
All its alogichnom and irrational bonkertude) the most typical academic representatives of the modern world. The author vys-
Meivaet, 's being ironic and does an impression of all and all, that subject to madness of the modern Western (and means global)
Way of life. Not anything but shy Copeland? It's Norton to do this impression of and himself themselves. And does an impression of so ways of, that reading goes
On one devouring. Provided, of course, that you sign this world , the world , in which live heroes novel.

If same you are far from Ay-Ti spheres, then content this novel seem you a labyrinthine delusions, and, of course, you here
Nothing not find. But if you although would partly one to professional world IT and under this not consider his
The best-A complete-formidable, then novel should please, because Iranian he so plausible and
So on grudge days , that a divo made by.

JPod this evolution / degradation slaves maykrasofta generation, X. This novel at all not narrative, oblada-
Yuschee slender and denationalizing it, this his kind of sociology study and description of a new poko-
Lished, show Google , show-By. Another novel writer, set simultaneously about everything and nor
About than.

"TV and the Internet excellent invention. They not give the fools are too often byvat on humans."

"Wu computer must be delete, where written drunk , and if its pushed, twelve hours not can send
Message and still must be-button went on , pained on computer pain.


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