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Our beloved series

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Dont the kind the door(The Wrong Door)
Genre: A comedy, parody, banter
Expectancy: Series of on 30 minutes

Send-ups show, consisting of small miniatures, which on their fears with each other raze not linked. Made krovi very qualitatively and
Stylishly. That concerns humor, then he often quite a plainspoken man and crude, but from not less comical. Compared would with humor MA It audits
Movies, style very a similar. Modicum I and not lover of fun banter, but Dont the kind the door me has pleased, ulybaet and causing missed entrances.

PS: First time saw advertising receives more superficial treatment host at 2 2, perhaps he goes there and now. In for peer-I found until only 6 episodes of.



People recommend


Weird / The Unusuals. ('m Steven Johns Hopkins) [2009 ., , , HDTVRip]
Year issuing: 2009
Country: The US
Genre: Policing drama, comedy
Expectancy: ~ 42 minutes a series of
The director: 'm Steven Johns Hopkins
In roles: Monica Gabriela Kurne, Jeremy Rennes, Amber Amber Rose Tamblyn, Terry Keene, Harold Periney the younger, Adam Goldberg
Description of: Koshki Casey Shridzher transfer in new York policeman Department Inquiry into assassinations. Where she soon understands, that one behavioural detective this not so perishing and poorly, after all among its new colleagues fall every the first. ????? of them its a skeleton in the chamber, ????? its grains personal drama.
The reference on Torrente

Strongly recommend TV series:

-department: Life on the street / Homicide: Life may have focused on the street
Year issuing: 1993-1994
Country: The US / USA
Genre: Gripping krovi
Expectancy: ~ 47 mines a series of
The director: Paul Attanasio and other
In roles: Richard Belzer, Japhet Cotto, Clarke Johnson, Kyle secor
Description of: That neither day the trouble: Every evening on the streets Baltimora occur tens of assassinations. Stop a rager. Criminals will be able only detectives pigs affairs. The film cesspits on motives on investigations journalist David Simon
4 bonuses Emmy.

At Russian five seasons. Turned and are currently running on Piterskomu channel. Just 7 seasons, polnometrazhka, but without translation. Krovi intersect with "Law and order", but is different as the sky and land. Better movie pro task already) not saw, very recommend.
The reference on torrents



Genre: Comedy
The director: Daniel Etties, famous if Badiyi, Bruce Bilson's Harrison Page Lesley Morris Kurt Paul Patti Tippo
In roles: David go Anne-Marie Martin
The plot movie:
Supervisor confirmed is an the most an inveterate a klutz across the American police.
Frankly more and nothing to acquire write!
Witness krovi and you themselves increasingly will understand and would laugh at!
The reference on torrents



Dexter / Dexter

Dexter Morgan lives in Miami, works medical examiner of the commonwealth, Meets favorite a and likes exits in open Sea on his boat. Like would simple life conventional human, but have Dexter's there is its secret - he serial sekret murderer. With childhood, devoid of ability to chuvstvovati feel, he was overtake a receipt father a cop, which on time recognized in Dektsere attraction to murder. He accepted his, as there is and sent this terrible force in hopeful direction, giving son most important, that have him could be in life - Code Harry. According to Code cannot be kill innocent people, but criminals, departing from justice, thugs and rapists - can be. Cannot be no one tell pro code and Dexter seeks to struggling forces, but times change and such same, as he sekret, dubbed the in press "Icecrown murderer" already challenged the to Dexter.
This damaging the film, more accurately three affordable season, I take the bait slightly more, than for week. Very holds in tensions, the plot and at all vision, of course consists niei?u from contradictions, but filmed very nice. Now can already be start look 4-Interwiev season, but he until not fully transferred. Await the with large look forward.



Rejoice friends my! 9-Interwiev season Clinic there are already!




Sashas thank you! I thought 8 Ceze. The latest! Roar man, itself Prize! I authorize!



Policeman the team / Police Squad

In the main role: Leslie Nielsen
6 episodes of 1982 year

A remarkable cheerful krovi from creators A naked man pistol, Airplane, Completely secretively and ruthless people. Akahori Gedo Canadian Leslie (have which, to word, on ultimately already more 100 roles in films), as always gives heat and aren the flood of eloquence. The film quite strongly look like on Sledzha the Hammer - a sledgehammer, more accurately contrary, after all Sledgehammer released later 4 year, however the total the atmosphere both serials quite is similar. The hero Frank Drebin - neprimirimyy fighter with crime, uses all available, and sometimes and not quite legitimate, methods, for clearing streets from scoundrels. Travesty and funny call situation meet on every turn.



Recently began display 9 seasonand all (ah or by many) beloved yumoristichesko-dramatic receives more superficial treatment Clinic(The Scrubs)
From old heroes remained on constant basis of only Grand and Mighty Doctor Cox and ratings. In some episodes emerge Jay Di, Kelso, Eliot and by Ted, however,
By and large a sitcom began a new phase of its history - new central characters, new Alexey lines. Not know, how successful proves this
"S patients", but obviously, that until old good seasons she clearly not stepping.

Began I look another comedic krovi entitled The-. Such a the American antikrizisnaya attempt to say people, that not all so badly,
As case have heroes receives more superficial treatment. With their heroes - this simple the American family, have which one problem replacing the other, over than the viewer and offer
Laugh. Not Id say, that dubbed very perishing comical, but funny moments occur. Good is a good show.
Exactly, watch I his decided to because, that like watch on game Nile Flynn's, which all in the same Clinic played Uborschika.

Ah and in the end he news, if who not knows - with 7 January begins Russian display final season "s Staying Alive in survivors"
Gonna Iose or not gonna Iose - here is in than question)



January?! February perhaps, for on the Lost movie about this there is no nor words. Or have them there, for the boss jock he began? I simply, too, want his finally through all was possible, that would perishing draw comfort from. And about Clinic - think, that bosses film company (I mean, the, that absolves clinic), decided restart franchizy do. And that would old viewers not losing, decided include the remnants of former team. So New and Dont a new team pritrutsya, can be elderswill clean up and sack the further.



Me today time come letter with Forum

This a special issuance LOST-news will reveal you about next:

To 6 season remained slightly more weeks. And I not kidding. Immediately answer on questions many users:

A series of VYYDET in morning (roughly 7 :0 0) 3, (no true) on ANGLIYSKOM language.
Roughly By 13 :0 0 will are prepared, lacquers subtitles
On the evening (roughly 21 :0 0) will a series of in RUSSKOY voice-over (if will an onlay, then on next day day-on the evening)

Please, hold themselves in the hands of, need not issues type "A WHEN will / are about to be posted and camping on D.? "Adminy, too, people, all on nerves and get kicked off necessarily under any opportunities.




January?! February perhaps

Sure,) ochepyatka withdrew)



Looked pilot a series of 6 season Lost



People I you I beg, all who admirers have Lost. Read this book. Not regret



In the last time oftentimes the storony daily trip on public vehicles away serials with 2x2.
Exactly, about them below couple words.

Rabbit Greg
Send-ups show on transfer of a la The Sesame Street. The Muppets, actors, and the entire "cuisine of" of the Museum process such circuses.
Not appreciate.

test subjects
TV series pro two and , which nowhere not work, nor trait not make, and for moreover, to earn modicum any
Money participate in possible medicine test subjects... Experiments. Of course, every experiment ends not too
At the for heroes.
Not appreciate.

Attack hooligans
Parody on transfer of with street Frolova and podstavami. Dubbed, not say, to perishing very comical, but jobs ironically.
Faraway similarity with Dont Toy Dveryu. Who capable are specific English dubbed - welcome.
Look can be.

MANswers - Male history
Utrirovanno "their" informative-entertaining show for "real men." Very the easy, fun, although dubbed typically
American. But besides, that here there is over than good for a laugh, so same can be to know something indeed interesting.
A good krovi.



And here is me nothing not appreciate. Bullshit any. Only the brain corrupt these. More or less can be watch cartoons and the not all.



Looked "Male history" and "Attack hooligans" - very fun. The second very reminded on structure "Jackass", and the first - "the brainiacs" only for chey and teenagers care about. Anyways, if there is sense of humor - these series for you.



In his post on Facebook ZAC Breff told, that next, 10 th second, season his texts-medical show viewers not see. Nice history young doctors destroyed low ratings.

This already the second time, when Breff betrays similar information. The first time such statement hit after the end of the 7 th season Clinic , but past crisis managed overcome a change in Canal-producer. Then show swung with NBC on ABC, giving life still two seasons, disasters, should discern, more low-key assessment of viewing audience.

Although official acknowledgement with ABC still not of capital, studio sees closing receives more superficial treatment well likely. Possessing on the hands of such a favorite current TV specials, as Modern family , studio parts bosses not will want be bothered with show, ratings which with every year slip down all below and below.



Everyone hate Chris

When graduating from look fancied by krovi, not simply find him replacement. After Dexter's was many attempts to start look those or other things, but all as the not, a little off. To remain in survivors and Doctor made represented still not fully and on this to start looking unfinished season, so languishing in anticipation new series, me seems not too promising. Under hand dispatched to notable film portrayals of about young s known American comedian waiting Chris Roca. Skeptical kachnuv the first season and launching pilot I already could not stop - very kind of fun, no, very podobromu and very well originally studio steam-Bambey. All, who searching for an exciting attractive opportunity on of night, is it-the other recommend!

And here is exactly and himself Chris Roque. He even played in the third season school-by.



s Staying Alive in survivors

Here is literally still 10 minutes not passed, as graduated look this krovi. Messrs.: Not listen to those who shouts, that s Staying Alive in survivors bullshit and all such anything, not believe those, whom not liked Polaris and significant plot move - LOST already became classic our days, and as have any classics there is followers and there is unhappy with, but this in a whole normal, for admirers would still in thousands of times more. At all even not d try to to describe happening in movie - all of this know and so, and here is assessment of this kinoshedevru give unambiguously 9 / 10, because as on exit have very and very serious movies, virtually for any viewing audience. Lost forced many skeptics on Different look at the very concept of of serial movies, capable engage, keep have on a screen and not of choice in really itself. All 6 seasons look bad on one devouring and yes - leak series of not worth. Anyways - I under impressions!



. " " - . , - . , . , . !


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