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Here is still very the good song. Not pop songs perhaps - rather blues, but its quite often one thing time back yard with my friends on Europe plus and Monte Carlo, from what melody several opopsilas. Nevertheless, if to talk about their overseas music in a whole - she much the potency and in many respects better our, because, as bush-league hit there simply zarubayut on the vine. Have them and vocal Party and unit instruments - all more be and holistically. Yes and cannot be not be noted the fact, that on the Russian scene there is no stars global magnitude, for example such, as Sting, Mylene Farmer, Madonna, George W. Michael, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton - list can be very long continue to.



Not can say, is this old hat or rent blues ? ?. On me, so this ballad.



My espoused the have quotation marks (.



Long thought, far to place this clip. Like a direct attitude to games has, but with other hand and there, too, not suited. Can be was to a humor setting, but In all same to videos. Prikolno sings. Other compositions this artist, appealed less.

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You are here » Forum Polaksa » My passions » Video clips